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Petite Retreat for our small doggie guests

Petite Retreat is a room housed in reception specifically designed for our small doggie guests (approximately 15lbs.)The room contains 5 small suites.

Each guest is assigned a room where they can keep their belongings (beds, toys etc. are welcome).The only time they are actually secured inside their room is to eat and sleep.


The front of the room is a social room where they can lounge on chairs or run through a doggie flap to an outside corral.

This is a fun, social environment and is purposely designed for small dogs that enjoy being in the company of other small dogs. Keeping our guests entertained is very important.

We have two large exercise yards with a wading pool in each yard. Our guests enjoy time to run in the yards 6 times a day! Our first supervised play time break is at 8:00am and our last one is at 10:00pm.

We live on the property therefore are able to check on our guests before bedtime. Everybody receives a bedtime snack. This program is structured so that your family member will have as much fun as you do while on vacation or a lot more fun if you are going on a business trip!

Located 5 miles north of Mckinney.