Pet Paradise Resort - 1918 Milrany Lane, Melissa, TX 75454 - Phone/Fax: 972 838 2738 - Email:

The Owners

It has been Hazel Richardson's life long dream to open a boarding kennel that provides quality accommodations, loving care and a safe environment. I am proud to have provided superior quality kennel boarding to McKinney, Texas and surrounding areas since 1999.

Pet Paradise Resort is more than just a job to Hazel, it is a way of life and she loves it! She lives on the property and even does a bed time check and potty break at 10:00 p.m. every night. She purposely built the boarding kennel based on her needy (neurotic) weimaraner, Chester, who stressed so badly when boarded he lost weight and his voice!

Pet Paradise Resort is a small boarding kennel and will remain so. Hazel takes pride in knowing every guest personally and while in their care, monitors their health and food consumption very closely.

If a client isn't eating, they will find something for them to eat and will even resort to cooking chicken and rice or scrambled eggs if necessary.

If a client has diet restrictions, they will call the clients parents for advice.

No dog or cat is turned away, our structure is based around each individual guest. If a dog is social and friendly they enjoy social play times, if a dog is not, they get the play yard to themselves and enjoy one on one time with Hazel.

Hazel has bred and shown English Bull Terriers on the English circuit.

She also volunteers for Collin County Humane Society, a no kill rescue group.

Please feel free to call (972 838 2738) or email if you have any specific questions not covered on the site, Hazel will be only too happy to answer your questions.

Located 5 miles north of Mckinney.