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Mid Sized Dog Retreat

The Medium Retreat is a social room adjacent to the main reception area, specifically designed for our medium doggie guests (approx 15lb – 45lbs). This room contains 5 midi-suites, each guest is assigned a suite where they can keep their belongings (beds, toys etc. are welcome).

The only time they are actually secured inside their suite is meal-times and bed-time. This is a fun social environment and is purposely designed for our guests to enjoy the company of others.

The Medium Retreat is unique because it is attached to its own play yard, with constant access thru a doggie flap, so these special guests can run, romp & play until their hearts are content and take a dip in the wading pool whenever they choose.

We do provide entertainment and sit outside with them to throw balls or toys. We live on the property therefore are able to check on our guests before bedtime, usually around 10:00 p.m . At this time we close the doggie flap and secure everybody in their room giving out bedtime snacks and turning on the night lights.

These guests must be social and spayed or neutered. This program is structured so that your family member will have as much fun as you do while on vacation or a lot more fun if you are going on a business trip!

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Located 5 miles north of Mckinney.