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Large Dog Retreat

Our doggie program is very structured similar to a child’s day care with feed times, playtimes/snuggle times, snack times, and quiet times. Our doggie suites are second to none! We have 20 suites designed specifically to accommodate family members that enjoy the comforts of home.

We are not like a traditional kennel, each suite is constructed just like a regular room with solid walls and a glass storm door leading into each suite.

A doggie flap leads into an outside covered area so our guests can go in and out whenever they choose.The building is climate controlled, and we have music playing throughout the day.

You are welcome to bring bedding and toys to personalize your special friend’s accommodation. Keeping our guests entertained is very important.We have two large exercise yards with a pool in each yard.

Our guests enjoy socializing 6 times a day! Our first supervised playtime break is at 8:00am and our last one is at 10:00pm.We live on the property so therefore are able to check on our guests before bedtime. Everybody receives a bedtime snack.

This program is structured so that your family member will have as much fun as you do while on vacation or a lot more fun if you are going on a business trip!

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Located 5 miles north of Mckinney.