Pet Paradise Resort - 1918 Milrany Lane, Melissa, TX 75454 - Phone/Fax: 972 838 2738 - Email:

Paradise Kitty Condos

The cattery “Paradise Mews” is a spacious self-contained room and is such a delight! Every guest has a purpose built, luxurious, 3 level condo.

The kitty room is located next to reception with lots of glass windows and doors so we can see the kitty's at all times and they can keep an eye on us!

Our guests take turns exploring in the playroom which is adorned with toys and chairs. They can sleep in the cat bed, hide in the cat house or curl up on one of the chairs. We have music playing all day and ensure they receive plenty of attention throughout the day.

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Located 5 miles north of Mckinney.