Pet Paradise Resort - 1918 Milrany Lane, Melissa, TX 75454 - Phone/Fax: 972 838 2738 - Email:

Information and Services

Resort Taxi Service

Taxi service is based on mileage from your home to Pet Paradise Resort.

Pick up and drop offs are available Monday–Friday 10:00am–2:00pm, Saturday and Sunday by special arrangement.

Food Served at Pet Paradise Resort

We serve our guests Bil Jac food, which is a good quality food. It is a frozen product that we thaw and keep refrigerated so it’s more like a fresh food - our guests really enjoy it.

You are more than welcome to provide your own food however, we monitor our guests eating habits and if they don’t eat within 2 days we will find food that they will eat!

Flea Control at Pet Paradise Resort

We pay a lot of attention to flea control. We spray our yards with an environmentally safe flea insecticide and if we see any of our guests biting or scratching we investigate for fleas.

If a guest has fleas they are sent to the grooming room at the owners expense. We recommend that you administer a veterinary recommended flea control before boarding your pets. petite dog

Veterinary Care

If one of our guests becomes sick while in our care we will contact the owners immediately then take our guest to their own vet if within reasonable driving distance. If we have an emergency situation we will go to Tri County who have provided veterinary care for Pet Paradise Resort clients since 2002.

We trust his judgement and he’s always been there for us to answer any questions.

After hours we use the emergency veterinary clinic in Plano.

Play Times

Play times are supervised. A boarding agreement has to be completed when checking in to Pet Paradise Resort.

One of our questions is “would you like your dog to play with other dogs” this must be initialed if you want your dog to play.

However, even though you have given your permission we will not socialize our guests if we don’t feel confident that they are compatible.

Located 5 miles north of Mckinney.